Available courses

This is the Science Department support moodle class.

Here you can find the syllabus, templates and other relevant information for your success in all Sciences in ISB.

Course Image 5 French

A 6 month trial course to experience the language and French speaking culture. Bienvenus en francophonie!

Course Image French SL/HL

An exciting course designed to leave the learner with a deep knowledge of the French speaking world.

Course Image French Ab Initio

A fast paced course to acquiring intermediate French within two years. Perfect for motivated independent learners.

Course Image 8 French

This year, we will start your journey towards your International IGCSE diploma. We will look at the requirements of the examination and train early in all skills. 

Course Image 9 French

Second year into your French course towards your IGCSE. There is increased emphasis on speaking with an authentic pronunciation. Get the tenses sorted, past, present and future!

Course Image 10 French

Your final year of preparation for the IGCSE. Now, it is time to think about your options for IB! I hope to see you in G11 :)